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The Foundation's goal is to revolutionize youth development and education in underserved communities. Our leadership program provides youth with a "psychology for life" with the goal of changing children's mindset in order to help them deeply appreciate their opportunities and give their best in everything they do. Through mentoring, entrepreneurial skills, project driven learning, sports and "earning their own way," youth discover the confidence that comes from self-sufficiency and right choices. Our program is designed to go deeper into the subjects of life, character development, excellence, and the pursuit of happiness. Our long term goal is to inspire children to become "professionals at life," to find peace of mind, so that as leaders and examples of extraordinary living, they can share this wisdom with their families, friends and communities.




To inspire children through mentoring, education, leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and sports.




The Foundation inspires hundreds of youth every year. 95% of the children in the full time leadership program receive college scholarships. Students in the program have gone onto prestigious university such as: Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown University, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania- Wharton School of Business, Vanderbilt, United States Air Force, The Citadel, Villanova, and many others.


In its 15 years the Foundation has raised $15,000,000.00, $3,000,000.00 of which was cash donations. The $3,000,000.00 donated resulted in a return of $17,000,000 in college scholarships, more than a 5 to 1 return on investment. All of the Foundations administrative costs are covered by donor Sean Wolfington, resulting in 100% of the other donations going directly to the youth programs.


The Foundation prides itself on transforming under-served youth into high level, hard working, aware leaders that stand apart from the widespread mediocrity, excuse making and blame casting that is so prevalent in the culture of youth elsewhere. Hundreds of alumni attest to how the program has changed the trajectory of their lives, helping them to excel at college, start their own businesses, and lead in their environments, all while inspiring the communities they are present in.




*The Fuller Graduate School of Psychology-Thrive Center is partnering with the Foundation and the Templeton Foundation to research why the program has been so effective, considering it one of the best in the country.


*Four time Grammy Nominated singer songwriter Jewel has begun working with the Foundation to make their program available to the masses through online tools and school curriculums.


*The United States Tennis Association is funding the duplication of the program in 22 cities, in hopes of expanding to 500.


*The program has been featured at the US Open, on Univision, in Vogue Magazine, Inside Tennis Magazine and a variety of newspaper publications.


*Sir Richard Branson's Necker Cup has selected the program to be their official charity partner.


*Billie Jean King and World Team Tennis chose the Foundation as their marketing partner.


*The Foundation was selected by the Windsong Trust as their annual grantee.




$17 Million Dollars earned in College Scholarships


$15 Million raised


$1.2 Million Annual Donated In-Kind Services/Products


$500,000 Annual Operating Cash Budget


1,700 Mentoring Sessions with Youth & Families


350 Children received Tennis, Mentoring & Education


95% earned College Scholarships


90 Youth Received College Scholarships


80 Leadership Talks


75 Received Tournament/Travel Assistance


50 in Elite TEAM BRYAN Leadership Program


40 Alumni come back to Volunteer


30 Parent Volunteers


25 Ranked top 50 in USA sports


18 Jobs Provided to Alumni & Parents


15 Interns


7 Players earned Top 10 USA Rankings


3 Players reached #1 in America


* These numbers only partially reflect the significant impact the Foundation has had on the interior lives of children. Through the foundation children re-discover the confidence and peace of mind that come from doing right thing, being honest, kind, appreciative, hard working, and helpful.




The Foundation was co-founded fifteen years ago by Ryan Wolfington and Marty Hennessy, with the help of entertainment icon Tony Bennett and tennis legend Mike Agassi. Additional supporters include: four time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Jewel, boxing legend Mike Tyson, the world's best doubles team Bob and Mike Bryan, SANDS President Rob Goldstein, Technology entrepreneur Sean Wolfington, executives Jeff Taylor and Ron Santella, comedian Rita Rudner, producer Martin Bergman, TAO's Jason Strauss, and actors Eduardo Verastagui and Ali Landry.




*Foundation is run by the youth, for youth


*Everything is earned, not given; Children earn their way, no hand outs


*Project driven learning


*Leadership development


*Entrepreneur skill development


*Multi-generational mentoring


*Leadership talks


*Strength finding


*Life planning


*Quarterly business plans & SWOT Analysts


*Daily fire side chats on life principles & the pursuit of excellence


*Inspiration for appreciation and gratitude




Our Inspiring Children Foundation takes at risk youth off the streets, and into greatness. We inspire youth by helping them develop a vision for their life, where they can develop their strengths through project driven learning, mentoring, apprenticeships, academics, and athletics. The program asks children to "earn their way" and to "discover their passions" by helping them create and execute quarterly business plans. Through this process the leadership and character development program arms youth with a "psychology for life," that prepares them mentally, emotionally, and physically to live happy, driven, and inspired lives.




Donate by visiting or by mailing donations to


Inspiring Children Foundation


PO Box 60953


Boulder City, NV 89006


501(c)(3) nonprofit organization #C24478-2004


The Inspiring Children Foundation is a proud chapter and partner of the


USTA Foundation- NJTL and National Tennis Foundation



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